Dynamic Agreement Dialogue™

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Dynamic Agreement Dialogue™ (DAD) is the collaborative, co-creative communication process utilized to create and maintain Dynamic Agreement™. DAD uses time proven processes and techniques to facilitate communication, decision-making, and address change, challenges, and conflict.


Active, empathetic listening, first person perspective storytelling, and non-rhetorical, open-ended questions are central to DAD. DAD methodology is used to construct an environment conducive to honest, respectful communication. Since DAD facilitates conversation (communication used to understand) rather than discussion (communication used to persuade), participants are relieved of the need to respond to the speaker and can give themselves fully to the art of listening. Intentional listening can result in better understanding, new perspectives, and well-informed decisions.

Values & Principles

Shared values and principles can provide a point of connection between persons exploring Dynamic Agreement™. Values & Principles acceptable to the participants will influence the content of the Our World and Purpose of Agreement portions of the Dynamic Agreement™ Foundation Statement, and may be helpful when addressing Change, Challenges, and Conflict. A substantive difference in Values & Principles important to the persons exploring agreement might indicate incompatibility for the purpose of the agreement.


Persons exploring agreement using DAD may discover they are incompatible for the purpose of a particular agreement at a particular moment in time. This by no means is an indication of incompatibility for all agreements at all times, or even perpetual incompatibility for the particular agreement they are exploring. One of the few constants in the lives of human beings is change. The DAD process may be used regularly by persons exploring agreement to determine if there has been a change in perspective, needs, and/or resources that may influence what is acceptable to a participant, and affect their compatibility for the purpose of the agreement.

Informal DAD

DAD may be engaged as an informal conversation between persons exploring Dynamic Agreement™. They can use DAD to help them determine if they are compatible for the purpose of the agreement, and to co-create the agreement’s Foundation Statement and Statement of Agreement. If, after entering into a Dynamic Agreement™, participants find themselves needing to address Change, Challenges, and Conflict they may begin that process by using Informal DAD.

Facilitated DAD

Sometimes persons exploring Dynamic Agreement™ need help addressing complex issues or difficult relational dynamics. If that occurs, they may choose to involve a Certified Dynamic Agreement Attorney (DAA) or Certified Dynamic Agreement Dialogue Facilitator (DADF). DAAs are licensed attorneys trained and certified to facilitate Dynamic Agreement Dialogue™. DAAs can offer legal opinions as well as facilitate DAD. DADFs are non-lawyers trained and certified to facilitate DAD, but who cannot offer legal opinions or advice. Regardless the reason for their involvement, a DAA or DADF may relieve the persons exploring agreement of the administration of the DAD process so they can concentrate on listening, self-expression, and addressing whatever issue may be affecting their relationship.

A DAA and DADF does not dictate or demand, but, rather, facilitates the dialogue process that creates a safe environment in which participants can continue to collaboratively co-create agreement. A DAA or DADF can often provide the assistance necessary for persons to reach and maintain Dynamic Agreement™.

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